Sunday, August 7, 2011

23 British Shorthairs & Scottish Folds Need Urgent Homes

A few days ago one of my friends contacted me to say a lady had called her as she had 23 British Shorthairs and Scottish Folds dumped on her by a breeder.  She is a rescuer for SAFE who do a great job helping animals find new homes here in Western Australia.  I spent the day making calls till I tracked her down as I wanted to help.  I never do rescue as it is too risky to the health of my cats but the rescuer had only two large rabbit runs for 20+ cats and she needed urgent help. 

So I agreed to take some and get them new homes plus put the word out to see if we could get others to do the same.  My dear friend Carole agreed to take some too so operation kitty rescue was go-go-go! 

I packed up the 4WD with carriers, towels and food & litter to give to Raquel who had the cats.  She lives in Bunbury which is several hours out of Perth but was coming up to collect some rescue rabbits. 

Just as well we have a big car!  I was originally collecting four cats, two for me and two for Carole.  So I took four boxes.  The poor cats arrived at Raquel's stuffed three to a box so I didnt want to stress them anymore. 

But there was room for a gift for Raquel for being so sweet to help the cats. 

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

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