Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - I had a big cry tonight

Well tonight at a meeting I got a bit emotional and had a big cry about the rescue kitties for the first time.  I have been going along trying to juggle a lot of things and I think the stress is getting to me a little bit.  We have our own beautiful cats to care for plus I run my own business so life is busy without extra things to worry about but add in a cat show I am helping to run, cat legislation before the government and 23 cats to rescue and it can be a little bit much!!
But as with this whole saga I have found it to really bring out the best in people.  I came home to several great emails offering help and support include interstating friends who have donated money and members of my own assoc giving us donations. 

I also had two people who have cats we bred make donations to the rescue fund today.  I am so moved by that (and crying again!).  It just means so much to know that we picked the right homes for our babies with people who are that caring and that generous they would donate to help us with the rescue cats.  That is what these cats should have had for them.  That is what we want to give them now because the people who bred them failed them. 

So to help me cheer up and get on with the job here is the beautiful Teddy.  He is a cinnamon and white bicolour British Shorthair and brother to our very own Schmitty.  No, he is not up for adoption!!!  His mummy and daddy are going to donate some of his food for us.  He is a fussy boy so we are getting the sachets he turns his nose up at.  Shhhhhh..... I think he is a bit spoilt!!

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