Monday, August 22, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - Tortie has a home, Tortie has a home!!!!!

The best news!  The sickest of the cats we rescued got a loving home today.  The tortie girl was emaciated when we got her up to Perth and had rampant diarhea.  She had to have a vet visit where she was sedated before they could treat her thenhad to have her matted, poo covered butt area shaved.  She went on antibiotics for her upset tummy and despite eating all the food we put down in seconds she was really in a bad way. 

She has since been desexed and with care and love she has changed from a terrified poop covered skinny cat to a clean, inquisitive and slightly less skinny cat.  A new owner came to meet her today and fell in love.  She will be very slowly introduced to the home as she is still very scared.  Carole got to pat her for the first time today as she had calmed down so much that she allowed a quick stroke while she was in the cat box. 

I have really high hopes that she will go on to be a loving pet for her new family.  It makes me have a lot of hope for the two tabby boys and Beefy plus the cats remaining in foster homes and the longhair girl.

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