Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - Beefy has a foster home

Big Beefy (also known as Bertha, Cranky Puss and the Exotic) is a bit of a madam and we were not sure what to do with her.  She is currently very scared and this is making her agressive.  To give her a chance our dear friend Sue from Chicas Cattery has taken her to pop in one of her boarding pens on her own where she can spend a week or two settling down.  She is a glorious cat and we want to give her a chance.  We think she may be the mother of all the tabbies. 

Here she is with the girl we think is one of her daughters.  The great news is the daughter has a foster home too.  She is with Rebecca who has been kind enough to foster her for us.  I think seperated from the big girl she will have a chance to come out of her shell ready for a forever home. 

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