Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sassy and Georgie looking lovely

Christa loves to send me pictures of her blue bicolour British Shorthair girls and I love to receive them!!!!

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh little Edward you are such a scamp

Cinnamon British Shorthair Edward loves to get into places he shouldnt.  How he didnt get stuck I dont know.  His family think he is hilarious. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Bozley is the kitty that got away.  When he was born we knew just to look at him that he would be special.  He was promised to a lovely couple in Qld who had lost their British Shorthair young to a heart condition.  I couldnt keep him.  I didnt need another stud and the home he was going to was amazing.  I dont regret him going but I do think "oh what if??" when I see photos of him.  Sigh...... such a beautiful cat!!

Mikayla loves Auntie Pamela's cats

My neice has just started school five days a week and I am so proud of her. It was her turn to present at news time so my brother and SIL were asking her what she wanted to take in. My brother races a big fancy rail dragster and won a big trophy a few weeks back. He said do you want to take in daddy's trophy to show the class. She said no I want to show them my ribbons and tell them about Auntie Pamela's cats. :)
When she was about three she came to the royal show and visited me at the cat show. My Henry had got his challenge and back then they did a rosette for every class. I gave it to her and didnt think much of it but apparently she shows it to all her little friends that visit and says my Auntie Pamela's cat Henry won this for me. So cute!! Then last September they came to see me at a local show and we had spare rosettes so we gave them one each.

So she took both of the rosettes in to the class and told them "my Auntie Pamela has thirty cats and she doesnt have any children but I have thirty two cousins because her cats are her children. She breeds them and has boy cats outside and girl cats inside and Henry is outside and he won me this ribbon." She then showed them pictures of herself playing with the Bombay kittens we had. All of the kids loved it and were laughing so that was sweet.

My SIL asked the teacher how it went and the teacher laughed and said oh the thirty two furry cousins? I remember where she got the number from. When they were visiting my SIL asked how many cats I had now and I said sixteen adults plus sixteen kittens. She said so you have 32 cats in this house right now and we both laughed. Mikayla stored that little bit of info away to tell the class LOL.

Tia loves a cuddle

Tia lives in NSW with British Shorthair breeder Lisa Peterson and her family.  Her daughter loves to give Tia cuddles.   She is a lovely rich chocolate colour like her mummy Candy.  Candy came to us from Lisa so it is lovely that she now has a Candy baby of her own.