Sunday, March 6, 2011


Bozley is the kitty that got away.  When he was born we knew just to look at him that he would be special.  He was promised to a lovely couple in Qld who had lost their British Shorthair young to a heart condition.  I couldnt keep him.  I didnt need another stud and the home he was going to was amazing.  I dont regret him going but I do think "oh what if??" when I see photos of him.  Sigh...... such a beautiful cat!!

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  1. He is definitely a beauty. He's exactly what I was after but in black and white. Sorry you didn't get any black and white babies this season but i'm more than happy to wait until next season. You have such lovely cats. Nice big strong boys and girls. May even have to be the season after that. I have just committed myself to a new puppy later this year.