Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Penny feeding everyone

She is such a great mummy cat.

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

Phoebe keeping cool

This is a familiar sight. I think all British Shorthairs do it!!

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

Friday, December 16, 2011

Cinnamon baby

We have a girl! First born in Australia.

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

Happy birthday Georgie

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Latest kitties

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

Cute girls

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - Daisy is ready for a new home

Daisy is a gorgeous fluffy tabby girl who was one of the 23 cats rescued after being abandoned by her breeder. 

Daisy has had a rough start.  She was very scared, dirty and matted when she was rescued and bought to Perth.  I couldn't work out what was wrong with her but she looked very odd to me and it was because her hair was so matted around her neck that she could not move her head properly. 

After getting her desexed and the matted coat shaved off she has become a new kitty.  She had a sick tummy but worming, some medication and good food has got her all better.  She has been in the care of my dear friend Carole at the Roellen Boarding Cattery in Canning Vale. 

Daisy now needs a new home.  She is fuffy but her coat is very manageable.  Now she is feeling better and in a clean environment she has kept herself very well groomed.  She has changed from a scared kitty to a friendly kitty who loves tummy rubs. 

It would be wonderful if Daisy could have a new home before Christmas.  As you can imagine it is the busiest time of year at the cattery and Carole has been so good to keep her and care for her as long as she has. 

If you would like to me her and give her tummy a rub please contact Carole at or call on 9455 1481. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jasmine and Maddison Video

I had forgotton about this. This is two of the girls we bred a few years ago, Jasmine and Maddison. They are so cute!! I love this montage of them playing and sleeping.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Meet Daisy

Meet Daisy.  She is a lovely fluffy tabby semi-longhair British Shorthair.  Daisy was one of the 23 cats dumped by her breeder and was in a very sorry state.  She is now clean, desexed and vaccinated plus she is eating well and looking gorgeous.  Almost all of the other cats that were dumped have homes but Daisy has been passed by.  She is shy but friendly.  In the right home she will be the perfect pet.  If you would like to adopt her call Carole at Roellen Cattery on 9455 1481.  Please share this on your status and feel free to copy to any lists or forums.  We need help to get her a safe, loving home as soon as possible. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - an update

Posted A minute ago
Hi guys

I know I have not posted much about the big kitty rescue we did here in WA and I am sorry about that as many of you gave us donations and support and wanted to know how things went. I stopped posting here and on other sites as sadly I got a lawyers letter about my online postings. My assoc also got a lawyers letter about me asking for my expulsion. My assoc determined there was not grounds to expel me at our meeting last week. Unfortunately as soon as the lawyers got involved we lost momentum and the adoptions just stopped.

With the help of some great people we have managed to find homes for all but four of the 23 cats. One shy girl had to be pts. It is a bit heartbreaking as she was healthy and the only reason was that she was so timid and so scared that she was unlikely to ever be able to find a home as a pet. She was in foster care and we had no room to take her and could find no one willing to rehabilitate her. I cried buckets when I found out. I still cry now.

We think we still have her two brothers with me and her fluffy sister with Carole. They are painfully shy but showing potential. Daisy is with Carole and is the sweetest tabby semi longhair. She is hesitant with people patting her but will chat with you while you watch tv from her big secure pen. She shows signs of wanting to play with the other cats. A quiet home with someone who is home a lot is all she needs to come out of her shell.

Sue has Bertha the big beefy tabby girl who looks a bit like an exotic. She is not great at using her litter tray but Sue has been so patient and retrained her. She is accepting pats and comes out to greet Sue in the mornings. She would make a great big crabby but lovable pet for the right home.

Then there is the tabby boys. Oh my god the poop! They still have the runs but I now think they have camphylobactor so I am giving them the strawberry flavored antibiotics for that and hoping it clears up. They are in my laundry. I have had them about four weeks and have only been able to touch them in the last week. One is very aggressive from fear and one is virtually paralyzed with fear. The aggressive one has calmed down so much and no longer strikes out hard. He will still slap and nip but only lightly. I pat him when he is eating mostly but today he came up to me looking for pats and accepting rubs and scritches. I am soooo happy!!! I now know he can be a pet. It is a miracle. He is called Mr Tabbyaskis and his brother is Shyby dont ask why as I have no clue. It just ended up that way lol.

His brother will always be shy but I can stroke him a little and if they go together then Mr Tabbyaskis can be the main pet and Shyby can be company for him. They love to snuggle up. I am hoping to get them homes in a few weeks once the poop is gone but before we have our first litter for the season. Daisy and Bertha need homes now so they are the main priority.

So that is the news! Thanks again to everyone that helped.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mia looking plump

Mia looks great. She lives with Damien's mum and dad and is very spoilt.

Does her bum look big in this?

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

Phoebe and Sophie growing up

The girls are getting big. They will be going to the uk in January.

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

Sassy relaxing

She loves to snooze!

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

Theodore turns one

This is Theodore. He has just turned one. He lives with his pal Winnie.

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Isnt Teddy a handsome boy

This is Edward who was the first solid cinnamon British Shorthair born in Australia.  Isnt he growing up to be a handsome boy.  He lives with Ron, Amanda and Callum plus his cousins Percy and Henry. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

PJ loves to snooze

His mummy said he likes to sleep in a circle.

Cuddleton British Shorthairs


Georgie and Sassy have some new mice. Their daddy bought them a pack of five and they are having so much funny. Here is Georgie about to pounce.

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - A purr has never sounded so sweet

The crabby tabby purred last night!! It was only for a short moment but he had retreated to his box and settled in then purred. It was almost like he was thinking oh, I havent done that in ages. I hope he does it again soon.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - The Tabby Boys

The boys have been moved into the laundry so we can move along the socialisation process. They are mostly in their box but I hear them playing and moving around. The hissy boy sings at night too.

This is the first time I have seen them relaxed. They stayed like this a little while before running to the box.

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

Friday, September 9, 2011

Rosie has retired

Our lovely girl Rosie was desexed yesterday. She didn't get pregnant to Jackie plus she had a mild infection so we decided it was time. She coped really well and is resting quietly. I am very proud of her.

Here she is at the vets.

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

Monday, September 5, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - Bertha has been desexed

Big beefy Bertha has been desexed now.  She is allowing pats and scritches and is much less crabby but she still has the runs really bad.  We have had an issue with all the scared cats as we cant pill them and that is what they need to get the antibiotics into them.  Sue is going to try the Iams Hairball which often helps and a few other things that we can do with food and water.  Let's hope it gets resolved soon so she can start looking for a new home. 

Suzy was not happy I gave her rosettes away!

Last time we went to a Southern & Siamese show Suzy wont best Group 3 cat, best Group 3 exhibit and supreme. I kept her supreme rosette but put the rest back in with the ones we ordered for the show on the weekend. Well she was not happy about my recycling and went out and won them both back again.  Then she decided to teach me a lesson and got herself a SUPREME trophy too!! So two supremes for her this year now. I am so proud. Both times over 100 cats. I am thrilled.

The judge from the US kept calling her "the old girl" as she is six and a bit now. I laughed as she is still my baby from my first litter and seems like a kitten to me. :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - Poopy has become Possum

We have another owner update with photos!!  Now this is the skinny, scared tortie who I glamorously named Poopy when we got her as she was covered in it.  Talk about a good feeling readding and seeing this.

Hi Carole,

Just wanted to let you know that the gorgeous BSH cat I adopted last week is settling in nicely at our home. She is still very timid and shy and not a fan of being handled but she gets on well with my other cats and seems very comfortable and settled when out in the cat run with them. She seems much happier out in the fresh air, exploring the cat furniture and is getting used to me coming and going and doesn’t even seem bothered by the dogs sticking their noses against the wire… when inside the house though she just stays in her cat carrier or hides behind the couch so she spends most of her day outside now. She is eating well so no problems there either, she loves tuna and I think is close to taking it from my hands J. I have called her ‘Possum’ and Im so glad Im able to have her in my family. Thank you for all your help. Ive attached a couple of photos for you of her.

Kind Regards


Operation Kitty Rescue - So much news!

So where have I been?  Well busy that's all.  I have a lot of news and I am just going to post it bit by bit as we are getting feedback on the cats in their new homes which is wonderful. 

BUT!!!  We still have four cats who need homes.  I have two tabby boys about 9 months old.  They are almost impossible to handle, hissy and bitey but they have just been desexed and I am really hoping they settle down now like Darcy and Bingly.  If you have the time and patience to rehabilitate them please contact me

Carole has Daisy who is a really pretty semi long hair British Shorthair. Yes they come in long hair but are not accepted for registration in Australia.  They are popular in Europe.  She is a real sweety and is all on her own now the other cats have all found homes.  If you could spare some love and kindness please contact me

Then there is Bertha (who I call Beefy!!)  She has come into season since being with Sue but she is slowly coming around.  She has poop problems like most of the cats but hopefully that will get better soon.  She needs to be desexed and we think she may need some work on her teeth too so hopefully once that is done she will be ready for a home.  My friend Lynne saw her at Sue's and let me know she got a pat and a purr so that is great news. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mr Carlisle looking good

This is Cuddleton Prince Carlisle looking just fabulous.  He lives in Sydney with Cuddleton Lady Jocelyn and Cuddleton Lady Millicent.

Operation Kitty Rescue - The red boy

The red boy in foster care got a new home today!!!  Yay.  And the black girl who was fostered by Kathy is now staying with her and called Sascha.  Kathy still has the gorgeous red girl.  She is young and would make a great pet given time to relax and settle. 

Operation Kitty Rescue - The Golden Tabby

Carole just heard from the lovely family that adopted the first golden tabby.  She has settled in well and is slowly getting used to her new surroundings.  She also seems to be deaf which is a suprise in a cat that isnt white.  They have done a lot of jingling noisy things near her and calling her.  They can walk right up to her from behind and she doesnt move till they touch her then she takes off. 

We think maybe that is why she had so many sores on her that looked like bites.  The other cats she was in with may have bashed her as she was different and an easy target.   She is going to have a vet check as maybe there has been some sort of infection in her ear.  One of the Scottish Folds had bilateral ear infections. It would be great if it can be fixed but her new mum says they love her completely anyway and she will be a safe inside only cat.

So great to hear she is now so loved.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - Tortie has a home, Tortie has a home!!!!!

The best news!  The sickest of the cats we rescued got a loving home today.  The tortie girl was emaciated when we got her up to Perth and had rampant diarhea.  She had to have a vet visit where she was sedated before they could treat her thenhad to have her matted, poo covered butt area shaved.  She went on antibiotics for her upset tummy and despite eating all the food we put down in seconds she was really in a bad way. 

She has since been desexed and with care and love she has changed from a terrified poop covered skinny cat to a clean, inquisitive and slightly less skinny cat.  A new owner came to meet her today and fell in love.  She will be very slowly introduced to the home as she is still very scared.  Carole got to pat her for the first time today as she had calmed down so much that she allowed a quick stroke while she was in the cat box. 

I have really high hopes that she will go on to be a loving pet for her new family.  It makes me have a lot of hope for the two tabby boys and Beefy plus the cats remaining in foster homes and the longhair girl.

Operation Kitty Rescue - Donations

Great news.  We have raised over $1000 for the kitty cats.  We are so thrilled that so many people from all over Australia wanted to help us get them well, get them desexed and get them homes.  The donated money is going to be used to pay for the medical expenses for the cats and if there is anything left over we will be donating it to SAFE who have been doing such hard work saving animals in WA from being PTS. 


Operation Kitty Rescue - Red and Whitey has a home

I got a text yesterday to say the red and white boy who was in a foster home has a new family.  It is a nice family that are really excited to have a new kitty.  What great news.  So that leaves foster mum Shelly with the black and white girl and the lovely big red boy still looking for a forever home. 

Yay for the red and white boy!!

Operation Kitty Rescue - Bingly and Darcy (Creamy and Blackie)

We have an update on Creamy and Blackie who are now called Darcy and Bingly.  I was in tears when I read it.

"Just wanted to let you know that Darcy and Bingley have settled into the household really well so far. Darcy is a bit more standoffish at first but a total cuddle-monkey once he gets going, and really keen on exploring new rooms. Bingley is currently sleeping at the end of my bed, after a big game of pounce-on-the-toes-wiggling-under-the-covers.

No really good pictures yet, but here they are investigating my shoes.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - Girls after the vets

Here are the other girls after the vets.  This is the fun golden tabby.  I called her patchy but she isnt anymore.  She looks great!  She has a home lined up.


This is the shy golden tabby.  She is a sweetie pie.  She has a home lined up.

This is our poor little tortie  She coped okay with the desexing but still has a bit of a way to go to get better.  She still needs a home when she is a little more well.  She is not easy to handle but I think she has potential. 

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

Operation Kitty Rescue - Longhair girl before and after

So this makes me really mad.  The longhair girl always looked funny to me.  She didnt move her head much and she just didnt look right around her face.  This is her in the back left corner.  See how her cheek is pushed up.

Well it turns out she was so matted up around her neck that she couldnt turn her head.  She couldnt lift her head right up.  The funny pushed up cheek was a huge matted area.  Here she is still drowsy after her operation.  She is now a gorgeous cat.  The nurse who groomed her said she wasnt as badly matted as she expected.  She just had a few bad areas.  To me that says she is a cat that could have easily had her coat managed.  I am glad that will be good news for her new owner when we find her one but why couldnt the people who bred her keep her free of such a painful matted area or at least keep her clipped if they were not going to groom her.

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

Operation Kitty Rescue - So many kitties, so many bits to be removed

Monday and Tuesday were such busy days for us.  Shelly had the four cats she has with her all desexed.  They are doing well.  The red and white boy was a bit rowdy and was spraying a lot (he thinks it is lady purfume).  So now he is without his bits he will settle right down.  Shelly still has the red boy, the red and white boy (who may have a home lined up) and the black and white girl.  They are all desexed and will be ready to go to forever homes soon.  Thanks Shelly!

Yesterday Carole took in four of the girls from her place.  It was an ordeal to catch them all as they are scared and run up the side of the big run they are in.  The sweet long hair, the skinny tortie and the two golden tabbies got their bits taken out.  The longhair was also clipped and groomed and all were vaccinated.  We also got some meds for the cats that still have the runs.  Dr Kevin Cleasby at Shelley Vets Clinic did the vet work for us.  He gave us a great discount and I think his nurse did the cleaning and grooming for us.  So big thanks to them for that. 

We have a home for the shy golden tabby girl.  She is going to live with a wonderful lady who has already got a silver tabby girl that she had to socialise in a similar way.  She has worked at a vets and a wildlife centre so I think it could be a match made in heaven.  Once the kitty is recovered from her operation she will be able to go to her new home.

The other golden tabby will be going to her home soon too now she is desexed.  She is a sweet girl and already looks 100% on how she was when she arrived.  She is frisky and I think she will be a fun cat to own.

The brown tabby girl was then picked up yesterday to go to her foster home with Rebecca and Beefy went to stay with Sue.  So that leaves the thin tortie girl and the longhair girl looking for homes.  We have them desexed and vaccinated so we are looking for permanant homes for them rather than foster homes. 

My two tabby boys are still hissy and still poopy but they are eating well and I am just working to win their trust ready for handling them to get them desexed next week. 


Operation Kitty Rescue - Beefy has a foster home

Big Beefy (also known as Bertha, Cranky Puss and the Exotic) is a bit of a madam and we were not sure what to do with her.  She is currently very scared and this is making her agressive.  To give her a chance our dear friend Sue from Chicas Cattery has taken her to pop in one of her boarding pens on her own where she can spend a week or two settling down.  She is a glorious cat and we want to give her a chance.  We think she may be the mother of all the tabbies. 

Here she is with the girl we think is one of her daughters.  The great news is the daughter has a foster home too.  She is with Rebecca who has been kind enough to foster her for us.  I think seperated from the big girl she will have a chance to come out of her shell ready for a forever home. 

Operation Kitty Rescue - Goodies by my door

Look what I found!  Teddy's mum and dad left these goodies for the rescue cats by my door.  Thanks guys! 

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - Big Day

Sorry there have been no updates today.  It was my day off and I have been sooooo busy.  Good news is we got some more homes and foster carers plus donations.  I will update tomorrow so stay tuned!!

Operation Kitty Rescue - Thank you messages

I would like to say thank you to everyone that has been thanking me.  I am getting a lot of messages of support but I want to ask everyone to remember that other people are working really hard for the cats too.

My dear friend Carole has had nine of them at her boarding cattery and still has six there now.  She has given over her isolation pen to the rescue effort but that also means she and her husband have supplied food and litter, medications and supplements for the cats.  Most of all they have given up time for them cleaning up the poop (oh my goodness the poop!) and taking them back and forth to the vets to be desexed then meeting prospective people to adopt them. 

Carole has her own breeding cats.  She has beautiful Burmese and Bumilla cats and has some mature cats of her own that she is hoping to find good loving homes for.  It makes me so angry that because of the actions of the people that bred these cats we have to put so much of our own hobby on hold to sort out the mess they have left us with. 

If you would like to say thanks please thank Carole and her husband.  You can contact her at


Operation Kitty Rescue - I had a big cry tonight

Well tonight at a meeting I got a bit emotional and had a big cry about the rescue kitties for the first time.  I have been going along trying to juggle a lot of things and I think the stress is getting to me a little bit.  We have our own beautiful cats to care for plus I run my own business so life is busy without extra things to worry about but add in a cat show I am helping to run, cat legislation before the government and 23 cats to rescue and it can be a little bit much!!
But as with this whole saga I have found it to really bring out the best in people.  I came home to several great emails offering help and support include interstating friends who have donated money and members of my own assoc giving us donations. 

I also had two people who have cats we bred make donations to the rescue fund today.  I am so moved by that (and crying again!).  It just means so much to know that we picked the right homes for our babies with people who are that caring and that generous they would donate to help us with the rescue cats.  That is what these cats should have had for them.  That is what we want to give them now because the people who bred them failed them. 

So to help me cheer up and get on with the job here is the beautiful Teddy.  He is a cinnamon and white bicolour British Shorthair and brother to our very own Schmitty.  No, he is not up for adoption!!!  His mummy and daddy are going to donate some of his food for us.  He is a fussy boy so we are getting the sachets he turns his nose up at.  Shhhhhh..... I think he is a bit spoilt!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - So where are we at?

Okay, after a very busy weekend it is time to take stock of where we are and what help is still needed. 

The Male and Female still down south
These two cats are now secrure in a foster home in Collie.  SAFE Bunbury is going to provide support and get them desexed and rehomed.  If you are interested in these two cats please contact SAFE Bunbury 0414449045.  Let them know you are interested in the cats still down south.

Two Tabby Boys
I have two tabby boys at my house who are in my isolation area.  They are riddled with fleas (OMG!!) and have the runs pretty bad.  They are also terrified and really hard to handle.  I flea treated them through the cat carrier!!  We have confirmed with someone who seems to know how these cats were kept that they have been in really small cages.  So while we were racing to get them out of the small space they were in down south they have been freaked out as it was bigger than what they are used to.  So I have the two boys in a big dog cage covered up from the rain and wind in my side run.  It is far from ideal but they are clean, warm and have good food.  I am hoping if they have calmed down that I can get them desexed tomorrow as being entire (not desexed) just makes things so much harder. They smell and will act like stud cats.  I will get them done then we will settle them down and get them ready to be pets.  I see it in them.  They just need a chance.  Once they are ready they will be $150 each to cover the cost of all the vet work. 

Six Girls
We have six girls in Canning Vale.  There is a longhair tabby girl who is very matted and needs a lot of TLC. She is getting desexed and shaved on Tuesday.  She is very timid but it is because she is so scared.  She would make a wonderful pet for someone who would be willing to spend time to get to know and love her.  She will be $150 for her desexing etc.  We will be using donations to cover her other medical expenses.

The tortie girl is terrified and has very bad diarhea.  She needs some time to get healthy then she will need time to settle and learn to trust again.  She is a sweet girl though.  She will be $150 for her desexing etc. We will be using donations to cover her other medical expenses.

The patchy golden tabby girl has a home.  She is being desexed tomorrow before she goes home to her new family.

The other golden tabby is doing well and will be desexed when she is a bit less scared or when a home comes up for her.  The smaller brown tabby girl will too. 

The big beefy tabby girl is going to be a special needs case.  She is very, very scared and agressive through fear.  She needs someone who can have her in a small acge in a quiet home and work with her to get her rehabilitated.  SAFE Perth are looking for a foster carer who is willing to do this and can support them but if you can help please let us know.  She needs a chance. 

Two Boys and Two Girls
Of the six cats that we had together in a foster home the two tabbies are now with me.  The red and white boy is being desexed today.  He must be feeling better as he is spraying like a garden hose!!  The black and white girl, red boy and the tortie and white girl are also being desexed.  Soem of them have homes lined up. 

One Red Girl
Kathy still has a red girl show needs a loving home.  If you would like to know more about her contact me. 

My email is

Please if you can spare even $10 to donate for these cats consider making a deposit to our cat clubs account where we are collecting for the medical bills. We are all putting in our own food and litter but we need to cover vets bills for the less healthy kitties.  None have major illness.  All are really preventable issues so they will be fine later but we just need help to get them well.

The Account is

Name: Birman Rex Others Cat Club
BSB: 036019
Acc: 141780

If you would like to post a cheque or money order please make it out to SAFE and we will get it to them. The postal address is

Pamela Lanigan
PO Box 7047
Applecross Nth 6153

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - Creamy and Blackie love thier new home

Creamy and Blackie have gone to their new home and I was amazed at how they reacted.  They seem a lot more relaxed in a small space.  They went straight in to a well set up laundry with food, water and a scratcher plus a tray etc.  Very cosy and they liked it.  I got to pat them more than I had when they were with us.  Maybe they have been kept in a small cage and are scared of a big space?  They will have a beautiful big dog to be pals with soon. 

I got this photo this evening.  Arent they just the cutest?

We still have six females and two males in desperate need of care.  They are scared and timed cats who need people willing to take some time with them to gain their trust.  They will make lovely pets but they need special care.


Operation Kitty Rescue - Blacky and Creamy ready to go

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - The good news just keeps on coming!

So it looks like someone has fallen in love with one of her foster babies and is very close to calling her a foster failure (ie permanant resident) so that is another home found.  We also may have a foster home for the two cats in Bunbury with someone who lives in the area.  It isnt definate but big kisses to them for even considering it. 

And this is hilarious.  One of our foster mums was stocking up on cat food at coles and the lady on checkout said "you must have a lot of cats".  She said she was fostering some and the lady replied "not the British Shorthairs?"  She had seen our call for help on a parenting site and was following the blog.  I love it. 


Operation Kitty Rescue - We have some homes lined up!

We have a home for the patchy friendly tabby girl and the tortie and white girl.  We also have someone who wants the black tortie girl and is coming to meet her today.   It all depends on her health and if she can calm down as she is terrified and really stressed.  So add that to the tortie tabby and blackie and creamy that is five so far.  The five remaining in foster care with Shelly are meeting prospective owners tomorrow and are lined up for desexing on Monday.  Cross you fingers for them.  Kathy still has two kitties and hopefully I can get some pics up soon.  She has a red girl and a black girl. 



Operation Kitty Rescue - Pictures of the cats from Thursday

These are pictures of the cats from Thursday.  Thanks Kirsty.

This is a big older red boy and a younger brown tabby male.

This is the beefy tabby girl and her sidekick the patchy tabby girl. 

This is the sad faced brown tabby younger boy (same one as in top photo with red boy). 

This is the sweetheart red and white boy and his scared young tabby boy friend.

This is the longhair girl.  You cant see it but she is really matted and dirty.  She is not very well.

This is the tortie and white girl.

This is the sick but getting much better black and white girl.  Her nose is actually white but it is a bit sore at the moment. 

This is the shy tabby girl.