Monday, August 15, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - So where are we at?

Okay, after a very busy weekend it is time to take stock of where we are and what help is still needed. 

The Male and Female still down south
These two cats are now secrure in a foster home in Collie.  SAFE Bunbury is going to provide support and get them desexed and rehomed.  If you are interested in these two cats please contact SAFE Bunbury 0414449045.  Let them know you are interested in the cats still down south.

Two Tabby Boys
I have two tabby boys at my house who are in my isolation area.  They are riddled with fleas (OMG!!) and have the runs pretty bad.  They are also terrified and really hard to handle.  I flea treated them through the cat carrier!!  We have confirmed with someone who seems to know how these cats were kept that they have been in really small cages.  So while we were racing to get them out of the small space they were in down south they have been freaked out as it was bigger than what they are used to.  So I have the two boys in a big dog cage covered up from the rain and wind in my side run.  It is far from ideal but they are clean, warm and have good food.  I am hoping if they have calmed down that I can get them desexed tomorrow as being entire (not desexed) just makes things so much harder. They smell and will act like stud cats.  I will get them done then we will settle them down and get them ready to be pets.  I see it in them.  They just need a chance.  Once they are ready they will be $150 each to cover the cost of all the vet work. 

Six Girls
We have six girls in Canning Vale.  There is a longhair tabby girl who is very matted and needs a lot of TLC. She is getting desexed and shaved on Tuesday.  She is very timid but it is because she is so scared.  She would make a wonderful pet for someone who would be willing to spend time to get to know and love her.  She will be $150 for her desexing etc.  We will be using donations to cover her other medical expenses.

The tortie girl is terrified and has very bad diarhea.  She needs some time to get healthy then she will need time to settle and learn to trust again.  She is a sweet girl though.  She will be $150 for her desexing etc. We will be using donations to cover her other medical expenses.

The patchy golden tabby girl has a home.  She is being desexed tomorrow before she goes home to her new family.

The other golden tabby is doing well and will be desexed when she is a bit less scared or when a home comes up for her.  The smaller brown tabby girl will too. 

The big beefy tabby girl is going to be a special needs case.  She is very, very scared and agressive through fear.  She needs someone who can have her in a small acge in a quiet home and work with her to get her rehabilitated.  SAFE Perth are looking for a foster carer who is willing to do this and can support them but if you can help please let us know.  She needs a chance. 

Two Boys and Two Girls
Of the six cats that we had together in a foster home the two tabbies are now with me.  The red and white boy is being desexed today.  He must be feeling better as he is spraying like a garden hose!!  The black and white girl, red boy and the tortie and white girl are also being desexed.  Soem of them have homes lined up. 

One Red Girl
Kathy still has a red girl show needs a loving home.  If you would like to know more about her contact me. 

My email is

Please if you can spare even $10 to donate for these cats consider making a deposit to our cat clubs account where we are collecting for the medical bills. We are all putting in our own food and litter but we need to cover vets bills for the less healthy kitties.  None have major illness.  All are really preventable issues so they will be fine later but we just need help to get them well.

The Account is

Name: Birman Rex Others Cat Club
BSB: 036019
Acc: 141780

If you would like to post a cheque or money order please make it out to SAFE and we will get it to them. The postal address is

Pamela Lanigan
PO Box 7047
Applecross Nth 6153

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