Sunday, August 14, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - Creamy and Blackie love thier new home

Creamy and Blackie have gone to their new home and I was amazed at how they reacted.  They seem a lot more relaxed in a small space.  They went straight in to a well set up laundry with food, water and a scratcher plus a tray etc.  Very cosy and they liked it.  I got to pat them more than I had when they were with us.  Maybe they have been kept in a small cage and are scared of a big space?  They will have a beautiful big dog to be pals with soon. 

I got this photo this evening.  Arent they just the cutest?

We still have six females and two males in desperate need of care.  They are scared and timed cats who need people willing to take some time with them to gain their trust.  They will make lovely pets but they need special care.


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