Friday, August 12, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - Back from the vets

Poopy and Punky are back from the vets.  Kirsty renamed Poopy as Blossom which is actually a MUCH nicer name!  Punky the longhair has a fever and could not be sedated to be clipped off.  She has had a long acting antibiotic and been wormed.  We will watch her to see how she is then she can go back and get clipped.  Blossom had to be sedated and has had all the poop clipped off.  She is skinny but the vets think her runny poo is just that, diarhea and not giadia etc (she pooped at the vets).  She has had anitbiotics too but couldnt be wormed while she was sedated. 

So this will take a chunk out of our donation fund but that is what it is there for.  Thanks again to everyone contributing. 

Donation info is here

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