Friday, August 12, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - Oops, two more

There is still two cats in Bunbury that need to be rescued. There is the boy that ran off and got recaptured as well as a girl we didn't even know had jumped out. I thought we were missing one tabby girl when we were trying to count them but there are a couple that look the same and they are great at hiding.

The big problem is Raquel needs the space they are in for the rabbits. They are currently at risk from foxes in open pens.

So today's task is to find transport for them and foster homes as we don't have a place for a boy and the girl may not go in with the other girls anymore. They are not desexed yet so we can't put them in one pen.

I have a full day of work today but if you can help please email me at and I will try to get back to you between clients.

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