Thursday, August 11, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - So tired!

Hi everyone.  I know people are waiting for updates about the cats but I am pretty exhausted so here is just a quick one for you.

Cathy drove down to Bunbury and got all the remaining cats as Raquel has a rabbit sanctuary and she has to clean out the hutches for an influx of little furries she is expecting from a rescue any day now.  Raquel got severely scratched trying to box the cats up as they were so scared.  Her hand may need stiches and she definately will need some antibiotics.  You can imagine how distressing it was for the girls and for the cats but it had to happen to get them to us.  Kathy drove them all back up to Carole's house.  I took off half a day from my business and went out to meet her and sort out who was going where. 

We had four boys and six girls plus two we already had.  My friend Kirsty found one of her friends who could foster for us.  So we waited till she arrived fresh of the plane from a business trip!  She has a big home and could take six kitties!!!!  She took all the boys and the two girls we had originally as they were no longer happy to have the other girls in their pen.  I could have kissed her. 

One of the girls is litteraly emaciated and has severe diarhea but she is eating a lot.  Once she is calmer I will take her home and get her to the vets.  Another has some old wounds and gave me some nice new ones (ouch) but amazingly in the big run she is the most friendly.  The big beefy tabby girl is grumpy but such and attractive cat.  The longhair is really matted and filthy with poop but we decided to leave her till she was calmer and deal with it.  The two other tabbies are in good shape but just really terrified. 

My two boys go to their new home on Sunday and Kathy still has two girls with her.  The really poopy girl may have a home lined up for when she is better.  No cats went to the Cat Haven and Kathy is taking back the carriers she borrowed from them empty, yay!!!.  I also got a call tonight from a lovley lady from SAFE Perth who want to know how they can help support us. 

Thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to help and offer support.  It means so much.  Sorry about the terrible spelling.  My friends all know that when I am tired my spelling goes out the window and I swear a lot so at least there were no profanities!!!



  1. I hope the (previous) owners will be investigated by the RSPCA for having these cats in such appalling condition?

  2. Wonderful work! Thank you to you and your friends!