Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - So much news!

So where have I been?  Well busy that's all.  I have a lot of news and I am just going to post it bit by bit as we are getting feedback on the cats in their new homes which is wonderful. 

BUT!!!  We still have four cats who need homes.  I have two tabby boys about 9 months old.  They are almost impossible to handle, hissy and bitey but they have just been desexed and I am really hoping they settle down now like Darcy and Bingly.  If you have the time and patience to rehabilitate them please contact me

Carole has Daisy who is a really pretty semi long hair British Shorthair. Yes they come in long hair but are not accepted for registration in Australia.  They are popular in Europe.  She is a real sweety and is all on her own now the other cats have all found homes.  If you could spare some love and kindness please contact me

Then there is Bertha (who I call Beefy!!)  She has come into season since being with Sue but she is slowly coming around.  She has poop problems like most of the cats but hopefully that will get better soon.  She needs to be desexed and we think she may need some work on her teeth too so hopefully once that is done she will be ready for a home.  My friend Lynne saw her at Sue's and let me know she got a pat and a purr so that is great news. 

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