Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - Donation info if you can help

I have had lots of people asking how to donate for the rescue cats. The SAFE coordinator for that region is on holiday this week so I cannot track down an account.

The Secretary of the Birman, Rex & Others Club called me today to ask after the rescues and as we were chatting the President of our club droped in to visit her so with me as Treasurer we had our clubs exec right there. We were thinking of using our clubs account but we have a show happening and the funds would get mixed up. Then I remembered we have a second empty account that has no money in it so we agrred to use it as a place to collect funds. We can then write a check and give the names of the contributers to SAFE Bunbury.

The Account is

Name: Birman Rex & Others Cat Club
BSB: 036019
Acc: 141780

If you would like to post a cheque or money order please make it out to SAFE and we will get it to them.  The postal address is

Pamela Lanigan
PO Box 7047
Applecross Nth 6153

Now what we will do is give all of the donations to SAFE Bunbury. If there is more money donated than these cats have cost SAFE then the extra will be able to be used by them to deal with upcoming kitten season and other fostering activities. 

Thank you for helping any way you can.

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