Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - So many kitties, so many bits to be removed

Monday and Tuesday were such busy days for us.  Shelly had the four cats she has with her all desexed.  They are doing well.  The red and white boy was a bit rowdy and was spraying a lot (he thinks it is lady purfume).  So now he is without his bits he will settle right down.  Shelly still has the red boy, the red and white boy (who may have a home lined up) and the black and white girl.  They are all desexed and will be ready to go to forever homes soon.  Thanks Shelly!

Yesterday Carole took in four of the girls from her place.  It was an ordeal to catch them all as they are scared and run up the side of the big run they are in.  The sweet long hair, the skinny tortie and the two golden tabbies got their bits taken out.  The longhair was also clipped and groomed and all were vaccinated.  We also got some meds for the cats that still have the runs.  Dr Kevin Cleasby at Shelley Vets Clinic did the vet work for us.  He gave us a great discount and I think his nurse did the cleaning and grooming for us.  So big thanks to them for that. 

We have a home for the shy golden tabby girl.  She is going to live with a wonderful lady who has already got a silver tabby girl that she had to socialise in a similar way.  She has worked at a vets and a wildlife centre so I think it could be a match made in heaven.  Once the kitty is recovered from her operation she will be able to go to her new home.

The other golden tabby will be going to her home soon too now she is desexed.  She is a sweet girl and already looks 100% on how she was when she arrived.  She is frisky and I think she will be a fun cat to own.

The brown tabby girl was then picked up yesterday to go to her foster home with Rebecca and Beefy went to stay with Sue.  So that leaves the thin tortie girl and the longhair girl looking for homes.  We have them desexed and vaccinated so we are looking for permanant homes for them rather than foster homes. 

My two tabby boys are still hissy and still poopy but they are eating well and I am just working to win their trust ready for handling them to get them desexed next week. 


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