Friday, August 12, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - Poopy cats

Of the girls that came up yesterday we have two we were very worried about, Poopy and Longhair (yes, very descriptive names but they are said with affection LOL).  Poopy is emaciated, covered in poo, has the runs and is ravenously hungry.  Oh and terrified.  Longhair is really matted and being a longhair she has collected up a lot of Poopy's messy poop along with some of her own.  She is in a terrible state. 

I have my own busy beauty salon and Friday is always a huge day so I couldnt get them to the vets.  Carole has just had her knee replaced so she cant drive.  So I was so worried about how to get these cats seen to when Kirsty came to the rescue.  She has managed to get them both to her vets for us.  They have had to sedate them to examine them as they are so scared.  I am just waiting to hear how bad they are and what needs to be done to get them healthy.  Poopy has a home lined up so we want to get her well again ASAP.

And just to add insult to injury there was supposed to be some food and litter sent from the breeder of these poor babies to the lady who had the cats.  She drove quite a distance to collect it and it wasnt there anymore.  Not totally sure what happened but surely they could have told her before she drove all that way.  Nothing suprises me about them anymore though.  Grrrrrr. 

And big thanks to Kathy who came and collected the two Cat Haven crates I picked up from Shelly this morning to take back to the Cat Haven.  I cannot thank her enough.  I only met her last Sunday and she is an amazing lady to do so much running around for us. 

So now we just need to get those two cats up to Perth and into care, rehome the cats Cathy and Carole have and help Shelly get the six cats she has ready to go to new homes.  Still a lot to do but compared to twenty terrified, poo covered cats cramped into two bunny hutches I think we are making progress.

Oh and just to make things a little harder on myself my email is up and down at the moment as we change servers.  If you try to contact me and it bounces just try again till it gets through. 

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