Saturday, August 13, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - Pictures of the cats from Thursday

These are pictures of the cats from Thursday.  Thanks Kirsty.

This is a big older red boy and a younger brown tabby male.

This is the beefy tabby girl and her sidekick the patchy tabby girl. 

This is the sad faced brown tabby younger boy (same one as in top photo with red boy). 

This is the sweetheart red and white boy and his scared young tabby boy friend.

This is the longhair girl.  You cant see it but she is really matted and dirty.  She is not very well.

This is the tortie and white girl.

This is the sick but getting much better black and white girl.  Her nose is actually white but it is a bit sore at the moment. 

This is the shy tabby girl. 

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