Thursday, September 29, 2011

Operation Kitty Rescue - an update

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Hi guys

I know I have not posted much about the big kitty rescue we did here in WA and I am sorry about that as many of you gave us donations and support and wanted to know how things went. I stopped posting here and on other sites as sadly I got a lawyers letter about my online postings. My assoc also got a lawyers letter about me asking for my expulsion. My assoc determined there was not grounds to expel me at our meeting last week. Unfortunately as soon as the lawyers got involved we lost momentum and the adoptions just stopped.

With the help of some great people we have managed to find homes for all but four of the 23 cats. One shy girl had to be pts. It is a bit heartbreaking as she was healthy and the only reason was that she was so timid and so scared that she was unlikely to ever be able to find a home as a pet. She was in foster care and we had no room to take her and could find no one willing to rehabilitate her. I cried buckets when I found out. I still cry now.

We think we still have her two brothers with me and her fluffy sister with Carole. They are painfully shy but showing potential. Daisy is with Carole and is the sweetest tabby semi longhair. She is hesitant with people patting her but will chat with you while you watch tv from her big secure pen. She shows signs of wanting to play with the other cats. A quiet home with someone who is home a lot is all she needs to come out of her shell.

Sue has Bertha the big beefy tabby girl who looks a bit like an exotic. She is not great at using her litter tray but Sue has been so patient and retrained her. She is accepting pats and comes out to greet Sue in the mornings. She would make a great big crabby but lovable pet for the right home.

Then there is the tabby boys. Oh my god the poop! They still have the runs but I now think they have camphylobactor so I am giving them the strawberry flavored antibiotics for that and hoping it clears up. They are in my laundry. I have had them about four weeks and have only been able to touch them in the last week. One is very aggressive from fear and one is virtually paralyzed with fear. The aggressive one has calmed down so much and no longer strikes out hard. He will still slap and nip but only lightly. I pat him when he is eating mostly but today he came up to me looking for pats and accepting rubs and scritches. I am soooo happy!!! I now know he can be a pet. It is a miracle. He is called Mr Tabbyaskis and his brother is Shyby dont ask why as I have no clue. It just ended up that way lol.

His brother will always be shy but I can stroke him a little and if they go together then Mr Tabbyaskis can be the main pet and Shyby can be company for him. They love to snuggle up. I am hoping to get them homes in a few weeks once the poop is gone but before we have our first litter for the season. Daisy and Bertha need homes now so they are the main priority.

So that is the news! Thanks again to everyone that helped.


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