Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Mummy from Sassy!

I got the cutest note from Sassy's mum Christa today.

Hi Pamela,

I have the cutest story to tell and I couldn’t resist telling you.
It is my birthday today and Greg got a card from Sassy to give to me!
So cute.
We were still in bed and I was reading Greg’s card. Sassy was sitting on top of me and she started to paw the paper bag in Greg’s hands.
I was so surprised when Greg says “ Ok Sassy, yes we will give mum your card now”.
It was a card that said Happy Birthday Mummy and inside she had signed it for Sass, thanking me for all the huggles, with a little paw print.
It was priceless and brought a tear to my eye it was just so adorable.

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