Friday, May 21, 2010

Rickie is on the mend

I took Rickie in for his eye check up this morning. I was very worried as last night it took a turn for the worse and looked pretty icky.

The vet thought the ulcer looked bigger but his eye was not open enough to be sure. He stayed there for the day and went under sedation so they could flush the eye and get a really good look.

The great news is that the ulcer is gone!! He still has a lot of inflamation and needs to stay on meds a bit longer but it should come good soon.

We don't know what caused it. There was no foriegn body in the eye and it was just the one eye so it may have just been a bad infection.

He is back with Henry purring and smooching his best friend.

Cuddleton British Shorthairs

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