Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Teddy

This is Teddy.  He is a cinnamon and white and one of only two in Australia.  His brother is our boy Schmitty.  Isnt he the cutest!!  His new mum and dad just love him to bits. 

"Our boy is 7 months old now, and he couldn’t possibly be more loved! He is such a character, he has his own little personality and of course (as most cats are) can be quite demanding at times – but we couldn’t have imagined a better addition to our family :)
Ted loves his food, we are still giving him his Whiskas kitten sachets, but every second night he has a treat of diced red meat which he thinks is pretty good. He also has a small bowl of milk in the morning and before bedtime. He likes his own space during the day, but at night he loves cuddling with me – he loves sleeping next to my head on my pillow!
A random fact – he has developed a fascination with plugs and drains! Any sink will do - laundry or bathroom – he will sit on the vanity and play with the plug and the drain insert for ages, and then proceeds to hide them around the house...I found a plug in my shoe the other day! I am not sure if any of your kitties have had this interest also! Funny boy!"

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  1. What a beautiful story. My Cuddleton is also this adorable and I think their loving nature has a lot to do with the loving upbringing they get from Pamela and Damian. Our Sassy sleeps between our pillows on the bed too and loves snuggles in front of the tv at night. Christa Pawlowksi.